Welcome to ASD Fitness Center


A place where fitness speaks to ASD children, adolescents and adults.

Our mission at the ASD Fitness Center is to provide a safe, comfortable and structured environment for empowering individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve their level of physical fitness.

What can we do for individuals with ASD?
- Improve physical fitness level
- Build confidence
- Improve social awareness
- Decrease anxiety

What makes us special?
- Specialized 5000 sq. ft. fitness facility
- Personalized Individual Fitness Programs (IFP) with option to add nutrition and functional skill goals
- One-on-one personal training
- Sectioned workout stations equipped with visual cues to focus on building core, upper body and lower body strength
- Tailored “fun” station following each workout station
- Small group classes (adaptive karate, yoga, zumba and more!)
- All trainers and class instructors have a special education background
- Designated area for functional skill development
- Sensory friendly facility (flooring, lighting, color scheme, etc.)
- Separate workout area for parents or guardians to use while waiting