Presentation on Nutrition: Dr. Michael Wald

February 25, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
ASD Fitness Center
307 Racebrook Rd
ASD Fitness Center

Nutrition, The Brain & Your Child

The term “special needs” could not more accurately describe the uniqueness of your child – and also of your child’s nutrition. The brain is made of specialized healthy fats and thoughts, feelings, emotions and even attitudes are based upon chemicals known as neurotransmitters – that are derived from proteins in your child’s diet. There are many more examples of how foods, and even nutritional supplements, can build and repair certain aspects of the brain. Also, poor diet can adversely affect your child’s brain function. Join Dr. MIchael Wald, The BloodDetective, as he provides a thought-provoking discussion of how to optimize your child’s brain and overall health and wellbeing.

About Your Speaker

Dr. Michael Wald is in private practice in Katonah, NY.  Dr. Wald is host of the radio show, Ask The BloodDetective on PRN.FM. He is the author of several books including, The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Laboratory Tests and Frankenfoods – GMO Dangers. Dr. Wald holds several degrees and certifications including: DC, MD diploma, double board certified in nutrition, masters in nutrition, sports nutritionist, dietitian and certified nutritional specialist. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling: 914-552-1442; email:, Website: