Wellness Day Experience 

For Adults with Special Needs



About the Program

The program will focus on structured activities that allow participants to explore wellness, movement and life skills that are essential to a living a vibrant and full life. The pillars of the program include health, wellness and life skills development. Participants will have a wholesome experience that will allow them to socialize with others while building lasting relationships, all while developing and building essential life skills in order to maintain or improve quality of life.  


Day & Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM, Monday-Friday.

Session 1: September 16 - November 1.

Session 2: November 11-December 20.


Program Cost

Schedule Cost Per Day Total Cost Per Week
Monday - Friday: 5 days a week $65 $325
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3 days a week $70 $210
Tuesday, Thursday: 2 days a week $70 $140


Registration Process: Complete the intake application by clicking here, visit our facility for a meet & greet, registration & deposit (deposit is 50% of your first month’s invoice. See payment terms below for more details).

Included: Included in the cost of this program is 3 hours of expertly facilitated programming, activity supplies, a daily note/schedule each person can take home.

Development of Skill & Responsibility

  • At the beginning of every week a new skill will be introduced to the group, and throughout the week, participants will do a variety of activities and projects that will aim to reinforce and practice the skill.
  • At the beginning of each week, each participant will also be given a job/ role that they will be responsible for each day throughout the week. This will facilitate in reinforcing independence and responsibility, while also being given the opportunity to explore a variety of jobs/ roles.  


Daily Schedule

9:00a-9:30a- Greeting and Morning Meeting

This session will allow participants to come together, build relationships, and converge on a variety of topics. During this time, participants will be given an outline that will be filled out during morning meeting that will serve as a daily schedule, but also a form of communication to parents & caregivers about the happenings of the day. The group will discuss a variety of topics 

including the outline and activities of the day, the date/weather, current events, and also the skill and individual jobs/ responsibilities for the week. 


9:30a-10:00a- First Movement/ Mobility Session

There will be two 30 minute movement/ mobility sessions during the morning in order to give participants the opportunity to move their body and explore a variety of modalities in which they can engage in movement. The focus of these sessions will not only include cardiovascular and strength training, but also an introduction to a variety of lifetime activities like yoga, kickboxing, zumba, etc. Participants will also be able to explore a variety of equipment in order to reach those goals, as well as engaging in cooperative games that emphasize different sports skills.  

As we age, it’s easy to become more sedentary as activities become more difficult. No matter your current level of fitness & mobility, this program will safely guide participants through exercises so they can comfortably maintain and expand mobility and strength. This is for all participants including those who may have never been physically active in their lives and those who are chair bound. No experience is necessary.


10:00a-10:30a- Weekly Skill Based Project/ Activity

This session will focus on providing participants with activities and projects that will directly enhance their understanding of the weekly skill. Participants will be introduced to this skill during morning meeting on Monday, and throughout the week they will engage in activities and projects related to this skill. Examples of weekly skills include; greetings, manners, hygiene and body awareness. 


10:30a-11:00a- Wellness Workshop/ Snack Break

This session will focus on enhancing creativity, and giving participants the opportunity to explore projects/ activities through creative outlets. This includes crafts, or the creation of group projects that allow participants to work together in a creative environment. Participants will engage in music and art activities throughout the sessions. Participants will also have the opportunity to eat their snack while socializing with others. 


11:00a-11:30a- Second Movement/ Mobility Session


11:30a-12:00p- Closure Meeting 

This closure meeting will serve as a time for the group to socialize and communicate with others about their day. With guided facilitation, participants will be able to discuss highlights from their day, as well as a time to review learned skills, and reinforce concepts addressed during the day. 


Things to Bring: A snack, water bottle.


Program Terms

  • This program is new and scheduled to start September 2019. In order to proceed with the program we need to meet a minimum of 3 participants.
  • All participants must be able to use the toilet independently in order to participate in this program.
  • This program is not one to one, however, if an individual that requires one to one wanted to attend and be accompanied by a parent or staff, they would be welcome to join our group.  
  • Consistent and regular physical aggression is not something our program can accommodate. 


Payment Terms

You will receive an invoice each month that includes charges for each day the program was in session. You are responsible for covering the cost of the program you registered for, whether the participant was absent that day or not. 

A deposit is needed at registration. The deposit will be 50% of your first month’s invoice. 

Example: If you signed up for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday program for Session 1, you would receive a bill at the end of September, October, and November You will be billed for each program day during that month. Payment is due by the 10th of each month. You will receive your invoice by September 5th and the payment will be due by October 10th. 


Cancellation Policy

Once you commit to attending our program, ASD Fitness Center requires two weeks notice if you wish to drop out of the program. By registering for the program, you agree to give us at least two weeks notice if you wish to terminate participation. Your billing will reflect the two weeks notice whether the participant attends or not. 


Semester schedule

The first day of Session 1 is Monday, September 16th, 2019

The final day of Session 1 is Friday, November 1, 2019


The first day of Session 2 is Monday, November 11, 2019

The final day of Session 2 is Friday, December 20, 2019


The Program will run Monday-Friday every day except for the holidays noted below. Participants will not be billed for these holidays:


Holiday Date
Columbus Day October 14th
Thanksgiving Day November 28th
December 23rd December 23rd
Christmas Eve  December 24th
Christmas Day December 25th
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